Sunprotection (ZIPX 85-95-120)

Everyone agrees that daylight is healthy. In new buildings and houses a lot of attention is spend on the position and dimensions of windows and doors. Because the sun does not only make happy people when the sun is used cleverly she also allows to save on energy costs, she is a natural source of warmth. In this way people can save on heating costs during winter and the in-between seasons.

Unfortunately in summer the sun can create an uncomfortable feeling. The sun can not only create overheating but can also cause discoloration of the interior. Often UV rays have also a bad influence on the sharpness of TV or PC screen. All these annoying characteristics can easily be countered by installing an appropriate solar protection. It is important to keep in mind a few factors when choosing the correct system :

  • The aim of the solar protection
  • The orientation of the room
  • The height of the windows
  • The available budget
  • The visibility to the exterior