The Wilms story begins in 1975 with the establishment of the sole proprietorship of Jos Wilms, but the company grows into a corporation (PLC). In 1986 the company moved to its present location in Meerhout. A continuous growth and development of some new innovative products ensure a steady expansion! Currently, Wilms has a production area of 40,000 m².



Wilms works with the principle of vertical integration. The entire production takes place under one roof. Wilms has its own extrusion lines, clothing, foiling machines, a powder coating facility and transport. Our structure ensures splendid service, flawless, high quality and reliable delivery. Moreover, we attach great importance to an intense personal contact with our customers. People working with people.



Wilms always takes into account the needs and the requirements of both the insaller and the end customer. For the installer it's important that the product is quickly and easily to install. The end customer desires a high quality and a maximum ease of use. That's why Wilms makes high demands. All employees receive internal training and are continuously trained. For this purpose, Wilms has its own training center. There, we also organize several free trainings for our dealers.



Each product of Wilms has its own unique serial number. Through a computer program, each stage in the production process can be followed by computer. After each new step in the manufacturing process, the order will be scanned and the stage in the program will be automatically adapted. This keeps our office staff and the transport department fully aware of the manufacturing delay. This computer program ensures that Wilms doesn't run out of stocks. In that way, delivery times can be guaranteed.


R & D

Wilms develops all products in close cooperation with its customers. Innovation is one of our key success factors. Wilms already provides today's needs that the market demands tomorrow. Wilms is always looking for new solutions to improve their products and the manufacturing process.

The close cooperation between production and R & D - the department has made some new products in the recent years; witnesses are the ZIPX®95, a wind proof screen, ZIPX®Zero, a windproof screen that will baffle architects, differences in standard engines in roll-down and construction shutters and last but not least, the ROLVENT®, the first shutter box with an integrated, self-regulating ventilation grille, unique on the market!